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about me:

Overall I'm a coffee addict, cat loving, scifi & horror obsessed, friendly weirdo who loves to make stuff!

Grateful my passion and hobby are also my career. I genuinely love to design. Made art traditionally for years before becoming entranced by the Motion Design world. I enjoy making art based off of my favorite things. A challenge is always just a great opportunity to learn something new. I enjoy coming up with solutions and creating dynamic visual experiences for any project that comes across my mouse!

I'm always down to chat art, mograph and if time permits collabs too!

- Open for Freelance work -


Tampa Bay Lightning Noche Latina 2023 Takeover Project:

Maxon Presenter at NAB 2023:

Maxon & Redshift Reel 2023:

Maxon & Redshift Reel 2022: Podcast - Dec 2022:

Maxon Presenter on the 3D Motion Show Sept. 2021:

Maxon Case Study Interview Dec 2021:

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